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PPF Coating near me

Paint protection is also called as PPF,Which is easily malleable and even self-healing – making it the perfect car paint protection film? When applied, Paint Protection Film in invisible to the naked eye so while protecting your vehicle from unsightly chips and scratches, it won’t take away from your car’s overall aesthetic. Another huge bonus of Paint Protection Film is it protects your car from the sun. Over time the UV rays from the sun can cause the paint on your car to oxidize and fade however, Paint Protection Film works as a protective layer between the sun and the paint to prevent any fade occurring.PPF Coating near me

Ultimate Detailers offer self healing PPF (pain protection film) with highest optical clarity which is tested in real life conditions for years before we started to offer to customers. At the entry level we have our own sourced PPF (pain protection film) from trusted suppliers and our own brand, in the premium segment we offer world leading names XPEL,STEK, AEGIS and LUMMAR. Our complete solution provides a dedicated ceramic coating protection on top of your PPF (pain protection film) to give you the best of both worlds.